Friday the 13th prequel series coming from Bryan Fuller, A24

It looks like the Friday the 13th franchise is returning to that distant time prior to it being about an unkillable, loosely hockey-themed murderer.

Peacock has reportedly given a straight-to-series order for Crystal Lake, what’s being called an “expanded prequel” to Friday the 13th. American Gods and Star Trek: Discovery’s Bryan Fuller is developing the project, also serving as showrunner and executive producer until he inevitably walks away from it after a season. Victor Miller, writer of the 1980 original, is also executive producing, and A24 will serve as the studio.

Though details of the approach aren’t yet known, presumably being an “expanded prequel” means we’ll be seeing some of the earlier horny teen killings Mrs. Voorhees was performing prior to 1979. Or maybe it’s just Jason swimming around for a couple decades?

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