Gaspar Noé takes us to another violently colorful party in the Climax trailer

Filmmaker Gaspar Noé is once again proving himself the friend who drags you out to some luridly-lit dance party that will definitely give you a panic attack. Have an assaulting look for yourself with this trailer for the Enter the Void director’s latest, Climax.

Straight out of the similarly neon-drenched European clubs of Atomic Blonde, Sofia Boutella stars as part of an ensemble dance troupe that spend a weekend rehearsing, get wasted on sangria, and going violently mad. The film just debuted yesterday to a predictably strong reception from Cannes audiences, and A24 has already snapped it up for stateside distribution. Noé will no doubt be begging you to come out for it, promising you can just leave if you aren’t having fun, later this year.

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