Get behind the teat of The Last Jedi‘s grossest scene with this featurette video

Of all the surprises The Last Jedi brought in following up The Force Awakens, surely none was more grotesquely shocking than seeing iconic hero Luke Skywalker treat a large freak’s engorged breasts as his personal fountain, filling his S’well of a galaxy far away with the indifferent beast’s milk. And that’s really saying something, because this is a film where a revolting old man and central antagonist is cut in half on screen.

It was a scene that left most asking, “Why did I have to watch a childhood hero milk an dim-looking, upright creature’s heaving breasts???” But if you were one of the few who instead just asked how director Rian Johnson shot it, you’re in luck. Have a look with these behind-the-scenes Last Jedi videos revealing the wretched process.

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