‘Godzilla’, ‘Pacific Rim’ Sequel Titles Revealed

No longer must we spend our dinner dates discussing “Untitled Godzilla Sequel Project.” We can finally exit the hell of sensing that Pacific Rim: Maelstrom is merely a working title to be changed later. Yes, at last, Legendary Pictures has revealed the titles to all their sequels about giant monsters crushing shit.

In a press release, the company revealed that their Godzilla follow-up—set for a March 22, 2019 release—will be titled Godzilla, King of the Monsters. Congratulations, Godzilla! You got the promotion!

Pacific Rim 2, meanwhile, has quietly been given the updated title Pacific Rim: Uprising. Time for the kaiju to finally rise up from the oppression of being clobbered by a robot-man’s elbow rocket. Good for them. Uprising it scheduled to hit theaters February 23, 2018.

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