Great: Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine to return in Deadpool 3

Despite walking off with an ideal, satisfying sendoff in 2017’s Logan, Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine is coming back for an awkwardly belated encore after most of us have already left the building.

As confirmed across a couple videos featuring Jackman himself alongside Ryan Reynolds, the former Jean Valjean is set to undo his redemption story in Deadpool 3. Though—five-years-late spoiler alert!—Wolverine died at the end of Logan, that film took place in 2029. So now we’re gonna get a 54-year-old Jackman as less of a jacked man to winkingly reprise the role in the MCU.

What an all-too-perfect second ending for a character who’s almost impossible to kill until he resigns himself to die in a miserable final act.

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