Greater delights await in Hulu’s Hellraiser trailer

For whatever reason, there are a couple upcoming Hellraiser reboots that have such sights to show us on the small screen. Here’s a trailer for one of them!

From the writers and director behind The Night House (along with David Goyer), this one is a reinvented film adaptation of the Clive Barker novella that was the basis for the original Hellraiser. Pinhead is back—and now it’s a woman, at last bringing gender parity to the Cenobite quartet. It’s 2022. Who says a lady can’t be an extradimensional, sadomasochistic demon Hell Priest? Just so long as the woke mob doesn’t come for Chatterer, who should remain a raging misogynist.

This new Hellraisernot to be confused with HBO’s Hellraiser series—hits Hulu October 7.

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