Greta Gerwig shows us her ‘Rushmore’ with the ‘Lady Bird’ trailer

Nearly 20 years after Rushmore hit theaters, another auteur-driven movie about an pretentious, affected, would-be-elitist private school kid is finally here—complete with a school play, underwater pool shots, a broken arm, and some OR scrubs. Have a look with the trailer for Lady Bird, the solo directorial debut of Frances Ha star and co-writer Greta Gerwig. Drawn heavily from Gerwig’s own life, the comedic drama sees Saoirse Ronan in the title role as a Sacramento high schooler with big ambitions to join the intelligentsia of the East Coast. She just has to overcome the hurdle of not being nearly as smart and artistic as imagines herself. Laurie Metcalf, so underused in cinema, gets a chance to shine here as Lady Bird’s mom. The film itself and both Metcalf and Ronan are already flush with Oscar buzz, so it seems Lady Bird delivers on this winning trailer. You can see for yourself starting November 10.

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