So, So ‘Gritty’ Robin Hood Coming in 2018

Check out this high contrast orange/blue palette and sparks. Gritty AF or what?

Summit Entertainment has announced a release date for the willfully-proclaimed “gritty” Robin Hood movie they’re making. Previously, needlessly “likened to The Dark Knight when it was developing under the predictable title Robin Hood: Origins, the film will reportedly hit theaters March 23, 2018. Kingsman franchise star Taron Egerton is set to star in the lead role, with Fifty Shades of Grey‘s Jamie Dornan playing Will Scarlet, The Knick‘s Eve Hewson playing Maid Marion, and Jamie Foxx playing the 5’9″ but pretty muscular Little John who’s not really big enough to make the sobriquet ironic nor small enough to make it apt. Time for some gritty, gritty lifts.

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