Ground Control to Mopey Mom: Hilary Swank goes to Mars, misses family in Netflix’s Away trailer

If you wished Interstellar cut out all the sci-fi gobbledygook and just focused on Matthew McConaughey getting all weepy about reuniting with his family, good news: Netflix has more or less made that with Away.

Hilary Swank stars as an astronaut on the first mission to Mars. This has been her goal her entire life, so she should be pretty jazzed. But here’s the thing: she also has a teenage daughter and is happily married to The Good Wife. So on this trip, she misses them! You can tell because she wistfully gazes at their photos, and plaintively fiddles with her daughter’s baby booties, which is honestly a pretty weird shorthand for a woman longing for a 15-year-old. There’s seemingly going to also be the requisite space crisis, but it seems like the meat of this thing is seeing how many different labored clichés Swank can cycle through to show that she misses her family.

Grow up, Million Dollar Baby. You’re going to freakin’ Mars.

Away hits Netflix September 4.

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