Grubes is in prison in a six-minute MacGruber interview teaser

This new look at Peacock’s MacGruber sequel series is a real upper-decker of a teaser—and it’s a shockingly long turd in the tank. Running a full six minutes, the promo is less of a trailer than a standalone short catching us up with where Will Forte’s titular antihero has been in the decade since his 2010 cult comedy. Turns out: in prison for murder!

While MacGruber’s quick, vocal willingness to suck a dick, be fucked, fuck someone, or watch him fuck something no doubt served him well, his has last ten years have clearly not been great. As his interview with an “ugly reporter” adds, he’s also become estranged from wife Vicki St. Elmo. It’s fine, though, because it’s already confirmed the series will reunite our sociopathic star with Kristen Wiig’s Elmo and Ryan Phillippe’s Piper. And with Val Kilmer Cunth dead and pissed-upon, now there’s a new villain in their sights: Billy Zane’s Brigadier Commander Enos Queeth.

As heavily-professed fans of MacGruber, we’re confident this will be fuckin’ tits when it hits Peacock December 16.

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