Harvey Weinstein is an absolute shit stain

Here at TV-VCR, we do not have the man-hours to cover just what a piece of shit Harvey Weinstein is. He is such a piece of shit! New allegations of his sexual assaults are so constant (and consistent) that it’s just a deluge of shit coming at us. That said, it would seem negligent, if almost complicit, to ignore it all. So let it be said: Harvey Weinstein is garbage and should be ground into mush and put in mush-jail.

Admittedly, saying that doesn’t mean all that much—given the other absolute human turds that have said similar things. Ben Affleck was quick to decry Weinstein’s actions. But just as quickly, Rose McGowan described how Affleck already knew of the situation. Then came a video of Affleck molesting a woman on TRL. And that’s not at all shocking, because there’s also this old video that apparently no one remembers, in which a trashed Affleck is likewise being disgusting:

In defense of his actions, Weinstein said he was “an old dinosaur learning new ways.” That’s also revolting. This wasn’t Granddad using a dated racial term at Thanksgiving. We have many, many stories of this crap-man’s vile behavior. We literally have a recording. This was a man-turd who didn’t care about the cried objections of women. He was (and, the way things go, probably will be again) a fecal-human in power asserting his dominance by acting as a gatekeeper to Hollywood, quite literally demanding that women either see the door or head to his greasy hotel door.

Yet the worst part is that pretty much everyone already knew this—at least by reputation. Affleck knew. By their now famous if dated jokes, 30 Rock writers and Seth MacFarlane apparently knew. And judging by the fact that “casting couch” is literally a porn category, pretty much everyone at least sort of knew, too. But—ha ha!—that’s Hollywood! And innumerable other careers women thought they could get into without having unwanted sexual encounters!

The whole thing is revolting as much for what it is as for how unsurprising it is to anyone at all. Of course this happened. Of course it’s still happening. And hopefully we’ll keep hearing about it—not because it’s nice to hear but because we need to out and ostracize all living poops. But as far as Weinstein’s crimes go, we’ll leave it at this for now. Because the dude is such a piece of shit, we just can’t keep up.

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