HBO Max will very soon give us our first COVID heist rom-com

Woefully telling of how long we’ve been dealing with this pandemic, it looks like we’ll be getting a second feature film about it early next year. So that’s cool!

Deadline brings word that, shortly after the release of STXfilms’ Michael Bay-produced coronavirus scare film, HBO Max will start streaming a COVID-themed heist rom-com. Sounds like nearly as good a cure for what ails us as bleach!

In early 2021, the streaming service is set to give us Lockdown, a film Doug Liman made when everyone else was miserable in lockdown. Anne Hathaway and Chiwetel Ejiofor star as a troubled couple who call a truce in order to pull a pandemic jewelry heist at Harrods. Ben Stiller and Mindy Kaling will return to their respective Tower Heist and Ocean’s 8 ensemble robbery days to co-star alongside Stephen Merchant, Lucy Boynton, Ben Kingsley, and Dule Hill.

At last, the real story of 2020 will be told.

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