Head of the Class reboot headed to HBO Max

With the decomposed corpses of Roseanne, Will & Grace, Full House, Alf, Murphy Brown, Mad About You, Frasier, The Facts of Life, and Designing Women already in some stage of resurrection, HBO Max has decided they may as well drag another decades-dead sitcom out of the pop culture mausoleum too.

The network has reportedly ordered a pilot for a reboot of Head of the Class, the late ’80s series about a history teacher and his students in a Manhattan school’s honors program that also weirdly served as a Nickelodeon producer incubator. American Vandal‘s Amy Pocha and Seth Cohen are writing the episode, with Scrubs alumni Bill Lawrence, Steven Cragg, and Brian Bradley producing. Pocha, Cohen, Cragg, and Bradley would all serve as showrunners should there be a full order of the most prestigious version of a broadcast television Howard Hesseman vehicle from 30 years ago.

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