‘I Am Heath Ledger’ Trailer Tragically Hints at What Could Have Been

As we approach the 10-year anniversary of Heath Ledger’s untimely death, it remains completely rotten that he’s no longer with us. Now, to remind us of that, we have I Am Heath Ledger, a Spike-produced documentary that will hit theaters May 3 before being aired on the cable network May 17. Directed by “I Am” series regular Derik Murray (I Am Chris Farley, I Am Evel Knievel), the film features never-before-seen home-video footage and interviews with many of Ledger’s friends, peers, and family—though, notably, not Michelle Williams. Nonetheless, it looks like a nice reflection on Ledger’s talents, shining light upon his ambitions for a directing career that we only ever had glimpses of. In other words, it’s still pretty crappy that Heath Ledger is dead. But here’s something to watch for a couple hours.

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