Here’s Bruce Willis’s latest paycheck, Survive the Night

Bruce Willis finds himself in another hostage situation—and nabs another quick paycheck—in his latest instantly-forgotten B-thriller, Survive the Night.

Seemingly made with no audience at all in mind, the film stars Chad Michael Murray as a trauma doctor whose home is invaded by a couple criminals. One of the crooks has been mortally wounded, so the other holds Murray’s household (his wife, his daughter, his Willis) hostage to force him into a life-saving surgery. Naturally, it becomes a whole thing, and soon enough, everyone is a’swingin’ and a’shootin’ at each other.

Survive the Night is scheduled to hit both theaters and on-demand May 22, but given the current situation at cinemas… actually, that will probably not change this thing’s theatrical viewership whatsoever. Seriously, who is the person that sees this in a theater?

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