A horse gets a gun and David Lynch gets typically weird in a ‘Twin Peaks’ Comic Con video

While the new superhero trailers were getting all the big hype coming out of Comic Con, a far more interesting video slipped under the radar that weekend. David Lynch, unwilling to attend such a painfully straightforward assembly of weirdos, showed up to the Twin Peaks panel by way of a two-minute, static-punctuated recording. In it, the director addresses unseen events that include a man falling to his death and a horse getting a gun and tearing up the place. He also holds up what “supposedly is the last golf ball O.J. Simpson hit before going into prison in Nevada.” It is, in other words, incredibly Lynchian and definitely more fun than that Justice League Con trailer.

The video was originally an exclusive reveal to the confused crowds in San Diego, but Showtime just uploaded it to the official Twin Peaks YouTube, so have a look. We can only hope that, given another 25 years, maybe this kick-ass horse too will get a revival series.

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