House of the Dragons teaser washes up bleached on the beach

To look at the online consensus, Game of Thrones ended nonsensically, left fans incensed if not betrayed, and like so many of its plot points, was largely abandoned, leaving behind a Peter Dinklage-sized cultural footprint.

But to look at HBO’s coming lineup of high-fantasy soap operas, it’s a whole other story.

The network’s “sure it went bad, but you jerks still ate it up” mentality has led to three separate Game of Thrones spin-off attempts. One was so bad it didn’t even make it to pilot; one—The Tales of Dunk and Eggwe haven’t heard about since January; but it seems at least the third will be making it to the screen, because HBO has released a teaser for House of the Dragon. Have a look above.

Starring the likes of Matt Smith, Emma D’Arcy, Olivia Cooke, Paddy Considine, and Rhys Ifans, the prequel series takes place two centuries prior to the increasingly disappointing events we’re already familiar with. It centers on showing us the fall of House Targaryen—a PBS’s Finding Your Roots where Daenerys learns about all the towheaded turds she descended from.

It basically just looks like more Game of Thrones (why wouldn’t it?), but as seen here and in some early promo pics, it seems to linger around the beach a lot more. We can only hope that means this is the Bachelor in Paradise to GoT‘s The Bachelor—even trashier drama than before, now seaside and with vastly less concern about who makes it to the end.

We’ll see how that goes when House of the Dragon arrives in 2022.

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