Hugh Jackman drowns in some derivative sci-fi in the Reminiscence trailer

That Reminiscence comes from Westworld multi-hyphenate and Jonathan Nolan spouse Lisa Joy is absolutely perfect. (The title is also laughably “of course that’s the title of this.”) This thing looks like such off-brand Nolan by way of the likes of Dark City, 13th Floor, Last Moment of Clarity, and fellow one-degree-off-Nolan Transcendence.

The futuristic neo-noir to the point of near-parody sees Hugh Jackman as a hard-boiled P.I. tracking down a smokin’ hot lounge-singin’ dame. More specifically, he’s a “a private investigator of the mind,” some Inception-style bullshit where he puts on a suit and tie to get up in your brain and get a glimpse into your past. And you’d better believe there are numerous overhead shots of buildings.

This movie would have looked like it ruled in 1998, but time has shown that it will either be frustratingly ill-conceived or, at best, as wonderfully stupid as Replicas. We’ll find out when Reminiscence hits theaters August 20.

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