Hugh Jackman’s Claw Fella Tops Your Weekend Box Office

Sorry, 50 Shades of Grey, but a new tale of a violent, powerful man and the young lady he commands around just took your spot for the fifth-biggest R-rated opening of all time. Over the weekend, 20th Century Fox’s Logan followed Deadpool in making R-rated superhero movies an extremely profitable business. The Wolverine sequel took the top spot at the box office with more than $85 million—and that doesn’t even count all the 14-year-olds that snuck in after buying tickets to The Shack.

Those kids likely did help The Shack climb to a satifactory $16.1 million opening, though. The extremely bizarre religious drama came in third for the weekend, with Get Out keeping ahead with $26.6 million and The Lego Batman Movie falling to fourth with $11.7 million. Before I Fall, our young-adult melodrama version of Groundhog Day, debuted in fifth with less than $5 million.

Next weekend: we see if Kong: Skull Island can knock Logan off its pedestal, and we wonder if Wolverine could beat Kong in an actual fight. Maybe, right?

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