Imagine Gal Gadot starring in a Hitchcock remake

Remakes of Alfred Hitchcock classics never fare all that well—even when they aren’t bad. It’s probably because they’re being compared to, you know, Alfred Hitchcock classics. But now there’s a new reason to prematurely dismiss a Hitchcock re-do: it will replace Cary Grant’s effortless charm with whatever it is Gal Gadot is trying to do.

Joining Netflix in this week wrongly insisting that Gal Gadot should play a charismatic crook we need to see again and again, Paramount Pictures has set the Wonder Woman actor to star in a new adaptation of To Catch a Thief. Lethal Weapon (TV series) and Prodigal Son writer Eileen Jones is writing this new take on the story, which sees a reformed cat burglar attempt to clear their name by catching a copycat who’s robbing wealthy tourists in the French Riviera.

1998’s Vince Vaughn and Anne Heche-starring near-shot-for-shot color remake of Psycho is already positioning itself to move up a peg.

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