IP-hungry Bob Iger is again the CEO of Disney

Big news for followers of Walt Disney Company corporate structure: Bob Chapek, who’s been Disney’s CEO since 2020, is out, to be replaced by Bob Classic—longtime prior CEO Bob Iger.

It’s an unexpected move that will no doubt please investors and proponents of unstoppable media oligarchies. It was under Iger’s 15-year reign that Disney’s stock exploded five-fold as the company’s insatiable hunger for intellectual property was fed by the acquisitions of Pixar, Marvel Entertainment, Lucasfilm, and 21st Century Fox. If Disney is ever going to buy the long-desired rights to our thoughts, dreams, and physical bodies, this is the guy who’s gonna make the deal.

With the 71-year-old Iger returning to his post just months after claiming “retirement is great,” the Happiest Place on Earth will, yet again, be headed by a man who will never truly be happy.

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