It’s Billy in the Sheets in Billy Eichner’s Bros trailer

This is NSFW, if you didn’t notice.

For as much as The Gay Best Friend has been a decades-long rom-com staple, The Gay Romantic Comedy is not nearly so common.

Sure, they’re around, but they’re rarely if ever unabashed and loud about properly showing the real culture of the gay scene.

To fix that, here’s the first rom-com starring and co-written by the unabashedly, (very) loudly gay Billy Eichner.

Framed as sort of a winking meta thing, the film sees Eichner as a podcaster given a shot at writing a thoroughly gay rom-com that will also appeal to the straights. While his in-movie ideas for doing so mentions being buttfucked by Jason Momoa while the coital pair worry about a volcano, the movie itself seems that it may well deliver on the brief—deliberately or not.

Coming from a Billy in the Street-loving straight, this looks much funnier than the vast majority of modern rom-coms. Plus, it’s directed by Nicholas Stoller, whose broad comedy work has also often been better than you’d figure. Luke Macfarlane, Bowen Yang, Jim Rash, Harvey Fierstein, and other notable LGTBQ actors co-star.

We’ll find out whether Momoa was game for gettin’ in that keister when Bros hits theaters September 30.

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