J.C.V.D. gets back to self-awareness with Amazon’s ‘Jean-Claude Van Johnson’ trailer

In over three decades of sort of acting in films, Jean-Claude Van Damme has never received better reviews than from 2008’s J.C.V.D., a meta film that cast the Muscles from Brussels as himself. So who can blame him for doing the splits straight back into self-awareness with Jean-Claude Van Johnson, an Amazon series that is somehow not the gay porn parody of Double Impact. Van Damme stars as a version of himself who uses his Hollywood career as a distraction from his return to undercover operations. Because who better than Belgium’s most famous man to serve as an international spy?

Phylicia Rashad co-stars, and to be honest, seeing her in a comedy again is kind of more exciting. Can’t we just get a series where a divorced Clair Hanks Huxtable becomes a secret agent? Rudy would be her hacker.

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