Jackie Chan fights a cyborg over a heart in the bat-shit crazy Bleeding Steel trailer

Having long ago slammed the refrigerator door on professional standards, Jackie Chan has made yet another action film that probably shouldn’t have seen China’s hazy light of day.

Seemingly named after a gaming clan, Bleeding Steel sees Chan as a cop in some sort of vaguely-realized cyberpunk future. While protecting an important scientist, he and his team are ambushed by a team of stormtroopers and “the world’s first super-bio-warrior”—a knock-off blend of the Dark City goons, the Borg, and Knights of the Old Republic‘s Dark Malak. Turns out, this super-bio-warrior, caked in Schwarzenegger’s Mr. Freeze makeup, is after a really fantastic artificial heart made of metal. This bizarre MacGuffin is already buried in the chest of a teenage girl, though, so it’s up to Officer Jackie to protect her from this heart-hungry white guy and his goons. Consequently, he fights a dominatrix on top of the Sydney Opera House. You can see him do so on-demand—and, no kidding, in theaters?—July 6.

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