Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt take their X-Menicine in Netflix’s Project Power trailer

Seemingly a project of 2010, meant to be sandwiched between Push and Limitless, Project Power is set in a world where little glowing pills give users a five-minute burst of superpowers. These abilities vary from person to person, sometimes even killing them, but mostly it’s just something you’ve seen across decades of comic books: bulletproof skin, super strength, self-immolation—no big shockers here.

Jamie Foxx stars as an ex-soldier whose abducted daughter is seemingly the source of the pill fillin’. He teams up with Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s cop and Dominique Fishback’s teenage pill-pusher to take down a high-end drug cartel and the amazing Translucent Man (who’s sort of hard to see, except how he has a fully visible gun and shopping bags). Only they can do it, because they will use the pill to fight the pill-people.

In this first trailer, we see that every idea in this thing has been done to death before, and every line is even more painfully hackneyed—so good news for The Batman script Project Power writer Mattson Tomlin co-wrote!

This totally gritty and so real tale of eating Minions for strength hits Netflix August 14.

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