Jason Momoa, Jared Hess belatedly getting into Minecraft

“AWW, YEEEAH! Copper!”

True to the game itself, the Minecraft movie has thus far been more about working on it on-and-off and trying some different productions than actually “finishing” it. Shawn Levy put a little time into it; Rob McElhenney got far enough along to get himself a diamond sword; Aaron and Adam Nee even put some time into it before deciding to go old school with their swords & skeletons warfare and direct Masters of the Universe. Yet none have managed to get the Ender Dragon on the screen.

Well, now there’s another duo trying to rescue this doomed project from Development Nether.

Napoleon Dynamite director Jared Hess is reportedly set to make this his first feature directing gig since 2016’s Masterminds. What’s more, he already has his unlikely star: Jason Momoa. Like, just because he already had the little beard or what?

It’s said the film will be live-action, so yes, we’re just going to be watching Aquaman punch down a tree to build himself a workbench.

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