Jason Sudeikis Builds Raft for Arya Stark in Superbly Cloying ‘Book of Love’ Trailer

The Book of Love was originally titled The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. Fittingly, as seen in the trailer above, the film itself also feels like it once referenced Christianity before shrugging it off for something that’s hardly any more digestible.

Jason Sudeikis stars as a milquetoast architect whose free spirited, sneaker-positive wife (Jessica Biel) abruptly dies in a jeep-to-semi accident. Some of her final words were used to make Sudeikis promise that he would help a local homeless teen (Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams, doing some mix of English, Bayou, and Southern Belle accents). So, Sudeikis attempts to do that, but in the process he ends up instead burning down the girl’s shanty and the raft she has apparently been building there. Whups! It’s fine, though, because he’s going to help this unplaceable pariah construct an even better raft for her to sail away in. This shall be the most beautifully mawkish, inspirational allegory for when Mayor Bloomberg bought all those one-way tickets to kick the homeless out of New York.

The Book of Love co-stars Mary Steenburgen and Orlando Jones, and features an original score from Jessica Biel’s husband. It will be dumped into theaters on January 13.

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