Jay Pharaoh balances credibility with skirt-wearing in Showtime’s ‘White Famous’ trailer

It’s every struggling stand-up’s dream: to finally make it as a comic, then star in series about struggling to make it as a comic. So congratulations to former SNL-er Jay Pharaoh for reaching that extremely familiar, navel-gazing place. He’s the star of White Famous, and here’s the Showtime series’ first trailer. Created by Lucifer and Californication‘s Tom Kapinos, the show stars Pharaoh as Floyd Mooney, a rising comedy star struggling to maintain credibility as he’s pushed into broad, pandering roles that will earn him fans beyond his devoted black base. Fans that are white people, for example. Because that’s how he’d be “white famous.” Which is the title.

We’ll see what happens with all that on Sunday, October 15, when White Famous premieres on Showtime.

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