Jennifer Garner finally gets her Punisher with the Peppermint trailer

“This is Jennifer Garner’s Punisher” is not a phrase anyone ever expected to, nor ever should, write. Yet there it is, aptly describing this trailer for Peppermint, a film that is equal parts Daredevil‘s second season and a lazy Capital One commercial. Garner stars as a wife and mother whose family is abruptly murdered at a carnival. With the cops, witnesses and courts seemingly all too scared to charge the those responsible, it’s 13 Going on 30 going on a bloody mission of vengeance against some drug cartels. As directed by Taken‘s Pierre Morel, it all looks about as convincing as it sounds. We’ll see whether it ends up better than Garner’s last Daredevil runoff, the absolutely painful Elektra, when Peppermint hits theaters September 7.

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