Jenny Slate is a little shell guy again in A24’s Marcel the Shell with Shoes On trailer

Hey, remember Marcel the Shell with Shoes On? It’s been eleven years since the Jenny Slate-voiced, cycloptic carapace in trainers first went viral with his eponymous short, and seven years since his YouTube trilogy’s closer. But look: he’s back! Now as an A24 movie.

See for yourself with the first trailer.

Slate and Marcel co-writer/director Dean Fleischer-Camp return to send Marcel on the familiar kiddie-movie quest of searching for family. Perfect for a double-feature with Spike Jonze’s Where the Wild Things Are as a lesson in showing your kids that, look, a family film can have a subdued palette and indie aesthetic but have broad appeal, you little morons.

Isabella Rossellini co-stars as Marcel’s grandma. Delightful to get her back in a shell 14 years after her graphic snail sex of Green Porno.

Marcel the Shell with Shoes On and its myriad jokes about being a small little guy will hit theaters June 24.

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