[UPDATED] Jim Carrey will play the round, mustached man who wants to murder Sonic the Hedgehog

UPDATE: Carrey has confirmed his Dr. Robotnik will be played live-action against the computer-generated Sonic. If he doesn’t wear an absurdly round fat-suit, then truly our society is ruined.

Continuing the dramatic work that won him acclaim and awards for the likes of Man on the Moon, The Truman Show, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Jim Carrey will play the round doctor who hates the fast blue hedgehog. According to Deadline, he’s signed on play antagonist Dr. Robotnik—also known more pejoratively as Dr. Eggman—in the Sonic the Hedgehog movie.

Something of an ignoble Thanos, Robotnik was in the video games typically trying to collect the Chaos Emeralds, a group of colorful gemstones that would grant him various powers. It’s not clear if that will be his motivation here, as the film is supposedly taking the convoluted approach so many of these live-action/CGI, Smurfs-like vehicles try: the computer-generated critters somehow visit the real world and end up teamed with an incredibly bland, inevitably frustrated white guy (James Marsden this time). Tika Sumpter has also been cast in a role that everyone hopes to god is not Robotnik’s love interest.

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