John C. Reilly gives us a new ridiculous sibling—Joaquin Phoenix—in the delightful Sisters Brothers trailer

Teaming Johnny Cash, Dewey Cox, and the standout cast of Nightcrawler, The Sisters Brothers is a darkly comic Western sure to win over some genre dismissers as handily as Deadwood did. The latest from A Prophet and Rust and Bone writer-director Jacques Audiard, the film sees Joaquin Phoenix and John C. Reilly as murderous brothers—surname Sisters, obviously—tracking down a gold prospector (Riz Ahmed). Jake Gyllenhaal also gets involved somewhere along the line, first in aiding the (Sisters) brothers in their hunt, and seemingly later as accomplice to Ahmed. Wonderfully oddball white-hairs Carol Kane, Rutger Hauer, and, in a bit part, Creed Bratton fill in some supporting cast. Annapurna Pictures is set to put this Step Brothers Go West in theaters later this year.

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