John Cena, Leslie Mann, Ike Barinholtz do ‘suburbanites go wild’ thing in red-band ‘Blockers’ trailer

Like a weed spread on the soles of Ike Barinholtz’s beer-coated shoes, another raunchy, “30-, 40-something adults go wild” comedy has sprung up in the suburban neighborhood of Neighbors, Sisters, The House, Bad Moms, and so on. Blockers sees Barinholtz (Neighbors, Sisters), wrestler-abruptly-turned-comic-actor John Cena, and Apatow-ian everymom Leslie Mann as parent-friends who discover their respective daughters’ pact to lose their respective virginities on prom night. Naturally, wild misadventure and age-inappropriate partying follow as they try to stop this teenage bang-fest. Have a look above with this first, perfectly rote trailer. You can incidentally watch this on TBS sometime after it hits theaters April 6.

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