John Travolta looks even more horrifically strange than usual in Fred Durst’s new movie

More evidence that we’ve splintered off into the most terrible timeline possible, have a look at this photo of John Travolta as he appears in a movie he’s for some reason doing with Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst.

As previously reported, the film is called Moose, and Travolta is playing its titular star, a stalker akin to the guy who apparently once pursued Durst like so many a nü-metal groupie. And while Travolta has certainly looked excruciatingly disturbing and absolutely grotesque with glued-on hair in the past, this would seem to be his most dismal marriage of the two. He basically looks like a version of John Lasseter even more unfortunate than actual John Lasseter—an even darker timeline than the nightmarish one we’re so clearly on.

While there has yet to emerge a photo of Tom Cruise looking like a deranged Kevin Spacey in a film directed by Chumbawamba, it’s pretty much inevitable.

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