‘John Wick’ TV Series Will Not Specifically Be About John Wick

As revealed back in February, John Wick: Chapter 2 director Chad Stahelski and screenwriter Derek Kolstad have been working with Lionsgate to develop a John Wick TV series, finally bringing bullet-exploded heads to our living rooms. Back then, Stahelski hinted that the series would use ideas they had for a prequel, but in a new interview, he now seems to suggest a different, broader approach. He may be making the Fawlty Towers of face-shot deaths.

Speaking to Indiewire, the director said that the show is currently working under the title The Continental—the name of the franchise’s hotel specifically for assassins and their byzantine ruleset. While the movies scarcely left John Wick’s perspective, the series will “expand to all the different characters and follow them throughout their journey. You can be with the consigliere, concierge, the sommelier.”

Stahelski added that while star Keanu Reeves will likely make at least a cameo appearance, The Continental “isn’t centered around John Wick.” The idea, it seems, is to make a former lead a guest star, instead focusing more on an idiosyncratic hotel and its unusual guests. Or, in other words, exactly what Golden Palace was to Golden Girls.

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