Johnny Depp Probably Hasn’t Memorized His Lines in at Least a Decade

Johnny Depp’s many, many layers of pale makeup may have long been hiding a darker, hilarious secret: the actor hasn’t learned his lines in years. That’s the latest claim being made by Depp’s ex-managers, who are countersuing the actor after he filed suit against them for fraud earlier this year. The former business managers just issued a complaint saying that, among the millions Depp has wasted with his out-of-control spending, hundreds of thousands of those dollars are being spent on a man who quietly feeds the actor all his dialogue through an earpiece. It’s said “Depp insisted that this sound engineer be kept on yearly retainer so that he no longer had to memorize his lines.”

As Vulture has noted, this isn’t the first we’re hearing of Depp wearing earpieces, either. Back in 2008, Kristen Dunst told the outlet, “Johnny Depp has music playing in his ear when he acts. He has an earbud.” She added, “Maybe his hair’s covering it? I don’t know, but I know he does it.”

Still, though, shouldn’t a man be judged not by his methods but by his performance in Yoga Hosers?

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