Jumanji Now a Video Game in the Reboot

Over 20 years after the original, a new Jumanji is on the way—but this update isn’t just a remake. Like the 1995 Jumanji‘s audience, it’s grown up. It now bulges with an almost grotesque amount of manly muscle; reveals a woman’s curves beneath its unbelievably skimpy outfit; and also, it’s about a video game now.

Sony screened some footage from the film at CinemaCon last night. There, it was revealed that magic board games are for grandpas, and magic video games are what’s cool now, as now the movie uses a retro console game as the impetus for showing us a CGI rhinoceros herd. It follows Power Rangers down the Breakfast Club route of starting us with a ragtag group of detention kids. This predictable group (nerd, popular girl, etc.) is tasked with cleaning the school’s basement, and while doing so, they stumble upon an old video game system loaded with Jumanji. Just like the Super Nintendo and worn copy of Donkey Kong Country that sits in every public school’s cellar!

As THR explains:

You pick a character, and as the teens learn you are that person in the game … which transports you to a jungle.

One rather nerdy boy is surprised (and rather pleased) to see he’s got the muscles of The Rock. The popular girl in school is horrified to learn she’s got the body of Jack Black.

So yep, part of the fun of this movie is Black is playing a teenage girl and the Rock is playing a nerd.


Sony also revealed that the film’s full title is Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. So another part of the fun will be Axl Rose’s lawsuit.

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