Justice League reshoots will require heavy mustache editing and $25 million

A dark, bristly shadow hangs over production on Justice League. Warner Bros. is staring into the face of some pricey setbacks on the superhero film, and that face looks like a mustachioed Henry Cavill.

According to Variety, the studio has already spent two months and $25 million on Justice League reshoots. While reshoots on a production like this aren’t unusual, they generally don’t drag on so long nor cost so much, but Warner Bros. is contending with a couple major issues.

Firstly, there’s the trouble of working around the schedules of Ezra Miller (Flash) and Cavill (Superman). Miller is currently shooting the sequel to Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, while Cavill is still finishing up production on the sixth Mission: Impossible. Getting both together on the set (surprise: Superman returns!) at the same time has apparently been an ongoing chore.

But the larger and definitely more ridiculous issue is that Cavill is sporting a mustache for M:I 6. It’s a full-on dad-stache that he’s really managing to pull off. And, notably, it is contractually-mandated facial hair. Paramount is not allowing him to shave it off until they’ve finished shooting, so Warner is being forced to remove the offending lip-tickler in post. Of all the things the Justice League CGI budget could be used on, now a portion is going toward a digital philtrum.

Jesse Eisenberg is going to be so pissed he shaved his whole head for this shit.

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