‘Justice League’ Trailer Unites Ben Affleck ‘n’ Friends

Picking up after the confounding events of Batman v Superman, Justice League sees Batman reconvening with Wonder Woman to answer a pressing question: “Hey, so I know we’re mourning the death of Superman and all, but did you have a chance to check out those cool vids I emailed you?” Indeed, as we all saw in a painfully-shoehorned sequence from BvS, she did. So, now the two are going to recruit the subjects of those videos.

There’s Barry Allen, aka The Flash, the man whose super-speed will allow director Zack Snyder to get even more gratuitous the slo-mo; Victor Stone, whom Wonder Woman calls “a cyborg,” because she’s not sure if just calling him “Cyborg” is okay if you aren’t yourself a cyborg; and Arthur Curry, the first Aquaman you can easily imagine driving an Aqua-Pickup that spits out thick black plumes of bubbles when he revs it at stop lights. If his Aquaman theme ends up being a nod to hick-hop, it would not be entirely surprising.

In this new trailer for the film, we get our first look at the team coming together. And because Snyder is as aggressively “bad-ass” and on-the-nose as ever, naturally that’s set to a hard rock cover of “Come Together.” You have to give him credit, though. Of all the many cyan-and-orange hued action blockbusters of the last decade, this may be the most cyan-and-orange.

Justice League will launch off the hood of Batman’s car and into theaters November 17.

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