Justified: City Primeval to bring back certain handsome cowboy

Cue up the Gangstagrass, because everyone’s favorite handsome cowboy is returning to his most iconic handsome cowboy role.

FX has officially ordered a Justified revival, with Timothy Olyphant set to reprise the role of U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens. Titled Justified: City Primeval, the follow-up will see Givens now living in Florida, where a chance encounter on a desolate highway sends him off to Detroit. There, he faces off against a violent sociopath known as the Oklahoma Wildman. Raylan Givens is a Batman whose rogues gallery is always more interesting than himself, so yes, we are all losing our minds wondering who’s going to play this psycho.

While Olyphant last portrayed the role of Givens in 2015, he has since been keeping up with his duty of being the world’s best-looking marshal in the likes of Deadwood: The Movie and The Mandalorian.

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