Kate Winslet, Idris Elba Fight for Survival in ‘The Mountain Between Us’ Trailer

Kate Winslet meets Idris Elba, and Six Days, Seven Nights meets The Grey, in the first trailer for The Mountain Between Us. Winslet and Elba star as, respectively, a journalist and a surgeon, strangers, both desperate to get to Baltimore by morning. Winslet, the John Candy of this John Hughes scenario, suggests they pool their resources to charter a private flight from Beau Bridges. When their plane crashes in snowy mountains of Utah, it leaves Jeff Bridges an only child and sends Winslet and Elba on a journey of survival. Movie wedding regular Dermot Mulroney—who else?—plays Winslet’s poor sap of a fiancé who we all know isn’t ending up with her by the end of this. Sorry, Derm, but we’re talking about Idris Elba and an emotionally and physically harrowing trauma here. The writing’s on the wall.

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