Katie Holmes will star in an adaptation of that trash ‘The Secret’ book

Over a decade since Oprah helped turn it into an unconscionable bestseller, that piece of trash book The Secret is getting turned into a movie. Again.

While the original 2006 The Secret movie was a sort of self-help pseudo-science documentary, this new version will take the form of a sickly narrative. According to THR, Katie Holmes is attached to star as a widowed mother of three. The widow hires a worker to do repairs on her storm-damaged house, and her handyman soon starts spouting The Secret‘s bullshit about believing hard enough to make wishes come true. She also soon learns that, beyond that obvious fault, this guy “carries a secret connection to her past.” So you just know it’s going to turn out he’s the one who wished away her husband somehow.

Rote rom-com director Andy Tennant (The Bounty Hunter, Fool’s Gold, Sweet Home Alabama) is helming the adaptation. Wishes really do come true!

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