Keanu Already Hits Head-Shot Quota in First ‘John Wick 2’ Trailer

“I’ll kill them all,” Keanu Reeves promises in this first trailer for John Wick: Chapter 2.

Ian McShane casually responds: “Of course you will.”

That brief exchange pretty much encapsulates the reductive joys of the first John Wick, and those again appear to be on full display in this follow-up effort.

This time, original writer Derek Kolstad has somehow managed to simplify the Wick format beyond its already skeletal premise. No longer is there the impetus of a wife’s death and a canicide to get Wick back into the game. Now it’s as efficient at getting to the killing as the title hero himself, pretty much jumping straight to the part where some kingpin sends all these other assassins out to kill The Best Assassin [John Wick].

Don’t worry, though, because John Wick is going to kill them all. OF COURSE he’s going to kill them all. He’s going to stab, run-over, strangle, and explode but mostly shoot the brain out of every goddamn a-hole in this thing. There is no question of that. And watching it is going to be thoroughly enjoyable. We can do so in theaters February 10.

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