Kevin Costner movies converge in the grandson-gettin’ Let Him Go trailer

At the Kevin Costner intersection of Man of Steel and Hatfields & McCoys now exists Let Him Go, a movie about Coster living a somber life in a remote farmhouse with wife Diane Lane before getting into a bloody feud with another family.

Unexpectedly directed by Christmas ensemble comedy The Family Stone‘s Thomas Bezucha, this dark drama sees Costner and Lane having lost their adult son. Their former daughter-in-law has now married this real piece of shit abuser, placing their young grandson in peril. So they go visit this guy at his off-the-grid home, meeting the rest of his family and its sinister matriarch. They’re like, look, you pieces of shit, how about you just LET HIM—him being our grandson—GO. But for some reason these people are dead set on raising this kid they bear no relation to. Before you know it, slaps are thrown, guns come out, and the house is burning down. Worst of all, the kid doesn’t even seem that cool.

Lane and Costner will take grandparenting far beyond sending some cash in a birthday card when Let Him Go hits theaters this November.

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