Kevin Hart joins Adam Sandler in being a Netflix guy now

Like Adam Sandler before him, Kevin Hart has made a lucrative deal to start churning out movies for Netflix.

Hart has reportedly made a deal with the spendthrift streamer to produce and star in at least four feature films. As part of the deal, Hart’s HartBeat Productions will also shift its first-look deal from Universal to Netflix.

“Partnering with Netflix is an amazing opportunity for HartBeat and myself,” Hart said in a statement. “I am excited to act in and produce cutting edge films with Netflix.”

It’s not entirely clear whether that means a dramatic shift in his output or if, say, Central Intelligence would also be considered “cutting edge.” But his HartBeat president Bryan Smiley did add, “Kevin and I are committed to making ‘best in class’ films with our new partners at Netflix.”

Again, though, do they mean best in class best in class? Or are we talking Night School 2: Best in Class?

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