Kevin Spacey’s voice returns to acting

An earlier but still gross Spacey vocal performance

Looks like Kevin Spacey is again making a premature grab at using his mouth for a small part.

According to Variety, the scandal-plagued Spacey has taken on his first role since recently winning a $40 million sexual battery lawsuit against him. It’s said he’s set to play the unseen antagonist of Control, an indie thriller to be shot in the UK. (Spacey already has to go there to face additional suits, so may as well!)

Written and directed by Gene Fallaize, the film centers on Stella Simmons, a government official involved in an affair with the Prime Minister. When heading home in her self-driving car, Simmons finds that its controls have been taken over as she’s held hostage through a rampage across London. Spacey will provide the in-car voice of her abductor. So, sorry, Tesla, but now there’s a self-driving car even more likely to horribly injure children.

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