Key-fingered freak coming for us in ‘Insidious: The Last Key’ trailers

For Insidious‘s fourth entry, Lin Shaye’s demonologist Elise Reiner takes center stage in a paranormal freak show. Insidious: The Last Key sees Reiner returning to her childhood home, where she finds that, wouldn’t you know it, it’s haunted by the sort of ever-agape, always-lurking ghouls that are the series’ signature. The main bogeyman this time seems to be sort of a custodian from Hell, a rotten creature with keys instead of fingertips. If you left your purse or whatever in this haunted house after it’s closed, this is who you need to speak to about getting back in. Find them by talking to their buddy, who is Gollum as a high-fashion model. You can catch them both in theaters January 5.

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