King Kong To Also Preside Over Domain of Cheap Television with Series

The realm of King Kong is about to get a little bit bigger. But also smaller, and cheaper looking.

MarVista Entertainment today announced that they’re partnering with IM Global Television for the television series King Kong Skull Island. The Bye Bye Man‘s Stacy Title and Jonathan Penner are attached as writers and executive producers on the project, which is said to feature a female lead and a “multi-cultural ensemble.” Confusingly, the series is in no way associated with the recent Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. film Kong: Skull Island. This is a different, less punctuated take on the title. And if MarVista’s prior catalogue is any indication, it will also be fairly awful: their website boasts such Lifetime and Hallmark Channel schlock as Cradle Swapping, Secrets in Suburbia, and Love at First Bark.

In other words, don’t be surprised if Kong’s city-wrecking mischief is simply his way of playing matchmaker for our beautiful but stubborn female lead…

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