King Kong’s embiggened origins headed to Disney+

After nearly a century of idly accepting King Kong as being a very large gorilla, at last someone is asking the important question of “how’d dat monkey get so big???”

According to Deadline, Disney+ has started development on King Kong, as series that it’s said will “explore the mythology of King Kong’s origin story.”

While recent Kong film adaptations have seen the big ape in the ‘30s and ‘70s, it’s said this new take “brings the classic monster story into the modern age” and sees “the dawn of a new Kong.” Because you’re sick of old Kong, right? Everyone is always talking about how we need a new, modern Kong. Old King Kong is very dated. That Kong needs to die a painful death but first impregnate a Queen Kong, who will give birth to a new Kong whose origins we explore. That’s what people are looking for and soon they’ll have it. Coming soon to Disney+!

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