‘Lady Bird’ is now Rotten Tomatoes’ freshest movie ever

Greta Gerwig’s solo directorial debut is now the film the most critics ever have admitted is at least pretty decent. Rotten Tomatoes, the place that separates the mediocre-to-better wheat from the at least slightly sub-par chaff, has just announced that Lady Bird has earned the most “Fresh” reviews in the site’s history. The movie is currently sitting at 100%, and while other films have done that before, never have so many reviewers concurred. Toy Story 2 previously held the record with 163 Fresh reviews, but thanks to Rotten Tomatoes’ loose standards allowing more and more critics to toss in their two cents, Lady Bird has now managed to top that with 164 and counting.

Incidentally, if Rotten Tomatoes would like to really scrape the bottom of the barrel of critical standards, we at TV-VCR also produced several very positive pull-quotes in our brief review of Lady Bird. How about making it 165, yeah?

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